ATC 215: Rio’s Polluted Waters, ‘Training’ to Override Central Governor, Aero and Weight Weenie Tips, Calculating Caloric Need, and More

August 5, 2016


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  • Chat about upcoming Olympics, in particular triathlon and favorites to win
  • Water quality issues in Rio, should the athletes still swim despite the risk?
  • Ways to reduce the bounds of our central governor, and train to be able to better override central governor when you need to.
    • Why are some people’s central governors are stronger than others?
    • Getting outside your comfort zone often, using things like sauna to a point of discomfort, bikram yoga, cold water exposure, specific workouts (running, etc), and more
  • Why are your shoulders and neck getting so sore and fatigued when in aero? And how important is it to hold the “turtle position” in order to properly utilize an aero helmet?
  • The role of the T-spine in your bike comfort
  • Tips to be a better “aero weenie” and/or “weight weenie” and the best-bang-for-your-buck upgrades to your bike.
    • A well-fitting triathlon bike, light and aero wheelset, aero helmet, clean (aerodynamically) cockpit, aero center pull brakes, Ceramic Speed oversize pulley system, ceramic bottom brackets, supposedly faster chains, and special gearing. A generalized version of this question would be
  • How can endurance athletes benefit from knowing resting metabolic rate (RMR)? How can this information be used to benefit performance and recovery?
  • The ‘epidemic” of underfueling and learning how many calories you needs by breaking down your daily expenditure
  • Given that (short) sleeved kits have tested faster and are becoming more popular why haven’t we seen long sleeve kits yet? Is there even an advantage over short sleeved?
  • More on the MAF Method being a “volume approach” to training. What does this mean? how much volume is enough? Can you cut from cooldown and add more volume to run time?
  • Cooldown tips beyond walking
  • Two biggest reasons people don’t improve with MAF: 1) not enough volume; 2) underlying condition

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