ATC 216: When Race Weight Goals Backfire (and A Better Approach), Do You Have a Chance to Kona-Qualify, In-Depth MAF Test Analysis, and More

August 19, 2016


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  • Discussing Tawnee’s MAF Test and “starting from scratch.” Takeaways for YOU in your own testing and analysis with the MAF Method.
    • Get full details on Tawnee’s MAF test on her blog here.
  • On race weight and how to find optimal body composition without being too light… An EP fan wonders if he should drop more weight before the final race in a series where he’s currently ranked high.
  • When cutting back on calories and trying to drop pounds can backfire if too extreme.
  • Focusing on how you feel and perform, not a number on the scale!
  • Cutting back on strength training and weights before A races, not only to avoid excessive fatigue but also optimize body composition for endurance.
  • On finding your healthy weight and avoiding the horrors of trying to be skinny for your sport; why Tawnee will opt for extra bodyweight and just get stronger to carry the load!
  • More on the risks of underfueling as we discussed on ATC 215. One listener chimed in to share his story.
  • We talk about how you can’t really just pick a race finish time and achieve it, it’s not that easy, but when it comes to goals and seeing what it takes to Kona, can you chase times???
  • Have you reached your race potential? Can you still find more speed and get that next level?
  • On the deep competition in Ironman and Kona qualifying at amateur ranks and realistically figuring out if you have a chance.
  • The No. 1 thing you can do to find out if you have more: Get a coach.
    • Also, training alone may not be enough to get to your potential, take the holistic approach and do further functional health testing and monitoring to assess current health (any deficiencies or additional support needed?)
  • Trekking poles for ultra: yay or nay?
    • Tawnee on her love for trekking poles and which kind she got here.
  • Adding a bike commute to work during MAF half-marathon training. Should these commutes replace a run or run(s)? Should it just be added to the run schedule as another workout?
    • Discussing stress is stress is stress and if you add more why you want to be careful in not making it too much.
    • But it depends: You need enough runs to get the stimulus to get better, and too much crosstraining will not benefit running to a certain degree.
    • Figure out: How many runs per week, the “intensity” and duration of the bike commute, and the effective “dosage” to become a better runner.

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