ATC 232: How Many Steps A Day Are You Taking, Lucho’s Bike Buying Guide (On a Budget), Tips to Improve Sleep and Avoid Late-Night Wakeups, and More

March 31, 2017

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On this episode of Ask The Coaches:

  • Study mention: Effect of Ankle Mobility and Segment Ratios on Trunk Lean in the Barbell Back Squat
    • 14 male athletes were tested, looking at the effect of ankle mobility/ROM on trunk angle in the parallel squat.
    • Ankle mobility significantly negatively correlated with trunk lean, thereby showing that a subject with greater ankle ROM had a more upright torso in the parallel squat position.
    • This suggests that greater ankle ROM raises the trunk angle and thereby reduces shear forces in the trunk.
    • In addition this study showed a significant relationship between ankle dorsiflexion in the weight-bearing lunge test and the parallel position of the barbell back squat. This suggests that the WBLT can be used as a valid predictor for the degree of DF in the PS.
    • For coaches, the WBLT can be used to examine if the excessive forward trunk lean is caused by restricted ankle ROM.
  • Quick followup from ATC 231 on the ultrarunner with a hydration/fueling question: Another issue could be if he’s still keto or VLC, which can negatively affect mineral and electrolyte status.
    • Keto athletes are often said to need more sodium and minerals in the diet for a couple reasons: the diet causes more sodium and water to be excreted and it’s harder to “store” these due to low insulin. 
  • Are there any drills or things to focus on while walking that could improve running? Or are running and walking to difference biomechanically to have a crossover.
  • You can do run drills and bodyweight exercises intermittently during walks!
  • How many steps a day are Americans taking? Tawnee discusses in detail over at LPC (along with more fun facts). Get your first month free on LPC with code “lpc4me”
  • Lucho’s bike buying guide!
    • Colorado’s Double Triple Bypass in 2018 and in need of a new bike – help!
    • What’s the “minimally effective dose” of bike one can buy without excessively compromising performance and experience?
    • How should one prioritize how money is spent — components, frame, wheel-set, gear — so you get just enough but not over the top?
    • How to build a durable bike in the $2,000-$3,000 price range.
    • 650 cc vs 700 cc wheels
    • Component talk
  • Chronotypes (fascinating!) and a dolphin who needs help with sleep.
  • Listen to our podcast on chronotypes and “your type” featuring Dr. Michael Breus.
  • Remedies and strategies to promote better sleep, overcome difficulty falling asleep and minimize mid-night awakenings.
  • Get more sleep tips in The Power of When.
    • To improve nighttime sleep – no naps!
    • Dolphins: Don’t sleep in past 7-7:15 to set your circadian rhythm; you need less sleep to be functional; shorter sleep cycles.
    • Give yourself a 40-60min routine to fall asleep – relaxation, meditation, deep breathing.
    • Bed Restriction – if you’re awake in bed for more than 20min get out! Bed restriction causes sleep deprivation, which causes an increase in adenosine, which helps sleep drive.
    • Also you cannot use your bed for anything other than sleep and sex. So don’t get into bed and read or look at phone. Lights out, dark, sleep. Make sure you’re not overheating in bed either – cooler better. Mind must think bed = sleep.

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