ATC 243: Acute Effects of Plyos and Strength on Running Economy, Aerobic Training For Crossfit, Food Diary Pros and Cons, and Much More

September 15, 2017


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On this episode with Tawnee and Lucho:

  • Journal of Strength & Conditioning Study mention: Acute Effects of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Running Economy in Trained Runners.
    • Bottom line:
    • Plyos and strength training temporarily reduce running economy.
    • Don’t plan your key run in the 24hr after your plyos and heavy strength training:
  • For Tawnee: Do you wish you could not have said certain things that have now been proven incorrect or there is debatable evidence for some things you said early on on some of the podcasts?
  • For Lucho, you said that you could do 5 quality speed sessions a week and felt great. Do you think this has to do with your background of being able to handle high mileage since most people couldn’t start training for 400 races and do 5 speed sessions a week with blowing an Achilles or hammy?
  • MAF training for competitive Crossfit athletes?
  • A CrossFit coach from Brazil who trains Guilherme Malheiros, a 17-year-old who was 2nd overall at the Reebok CrossFit Games 2017, wants to know: is MAF training and/or aerobic training appropriate for this athlete to better develop his “weak” aerobic fitness?
    • Pros and cons to low-intensity running volume for strength athletes.
    • Alternatives to MAF for strength-based athletes:
      • Tempo runs
      • Diagonals – 18-24 x 100m @ 80% on rest of jog/walk across field
      • 3 miles max for long runs – done as rolling hilly fartlek, hills 80%, downs easy
  • Following a new training plan and wondering – can you safely jump from 4 runs a week to 6 runs a week when transitioning from half-marathon to a 10k plan?
  • The fear of losing fitness in the offseason – why this is playing with fire.
  • Nutrition for a 23-year-old female athlete on low/carb keto: Experiencing a loss of muscle, energy and stamina, and wondering is more carbs will solve this problem.
  • When adding back in carbs after being keto: Where to start? What are the best carb choices? Will the body tolerate them ok?

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  • Bradley says:


    What is your average heart rate during your speed sessions? Everyone is different, but (as a 42 year old), I'm just curious.



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