ATC: Training to Train, Road vs. Tri Bike for Hilly Ironmans, Old-School Marathon Training Plans, Holy Shoes?! And More

July 19, 2014

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Lucho and Tawnee are back for ATC. On this show they catch up and answer your questions on:

-Running shoe issue: Why would running shoes be blowing out at the sides of the shoes in the toe box? Doesn’t matter brand of shoe.
-Planning Ironman training into a work schedule in which shift hours are always changing — how to maximize performance and recovery? Is it more important to get in the long days/recovery days in the proper order OR the time in the saddle/time on your feet for endurance races?
-Training to train, and how should an experienced athlete start preparing for the 2015 Leadville 100 Run now (it is 14 months out) in terms of volume/intensity/and exercise plan. Running, strength training focus, etc.
-Running off the bike vs. open running races.
-Planning multiple triathlon/running races in the schedule for ideal performance and recovery.
-Training help for Ironman Maryland — currently training 20+hrs a weeks with 2 FTP bike sessions (1.5 hrs total), lots of tempo rides, running 50mpw+ with one quality session. Back off on the quality session for the run to help avoid injury or overtraining?
-Mention of Dr. Maffetone’s new book on a sub-2:00 marathon!
-Thoughts on a non-periodized style of marathon program that Australia’s Rob De Castella followed as well as Steve Moneghetti, who were 2:07/2.08 runners. They did the same training week in week out with very little variation at all. They only freshened up before major races. Each week they would do 6 easy miles in the morning Monday to Saturday and a Sunday long run of 21 miler with an extra 6 miles in the afternoon to get to 27miles. Monday pm was an easy 10miles Tuesday pm was a 20-30min hard hill with a 10min after at race pace. Or monas Fartlek. Wednesday pm was a 18mile long run Thursday pm was another quality of about 8 x 400m around the 5km mark, Friday was a easy 10miler. Saturday arvo a race or another short quality session then the long run Sunday.
-Juggling marathon and 70.3 training
-Should you buy a tri bike for an Ironman or will you be ok on a road bike? Why do either? When is a road bike the better choice? How do hilly courses like Ironman Lake Tahoe play a role in the decision on which bike?

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