ATU: Lucho’s Take on ‘Minimalist’ Shoes, Managing Body Weight

May 4, 2012

Lucho joins to answer your questions on recovering from broken toes in time to race an ultra again this season, planning walk/run strategies, advise on running shoes and thoughts on barefoot/minimalist footwear, mentally preparing for a long race and keeping focused and strong while coping with the stress of long running, metatarsal stress fractures, difference in the training effects of running 80 miles per week in single runs or as two runs each day, building up run mileage for a half-ironman after coming off an injury, how running helps mountain biking, finding your ideal weight without getting too lean and losing power, planning to go from 5x/10k racing to half-mary training, and more.

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  • guest says:

    Wasn't Mark Allen undefeated in 1989 prior to Kona? I believe he also had some top five finishes also in Kona
    – so really not a terrible record in triathlon prior to the 'Iron War.'

  • From what I know, Mark had a lot of successes in triathlon before '89, especially at the Nice Triathlon Championships (where he even beat Dave Scott). But his luck at Kona wasn't so great until '89 when things finally went his way! He still had some great finishes in Kona prior to '89 but no W's there. ~Tawnee

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