Dr. Grace Liu: How to Build a Warrior Gut, Common and Solvable Gut Issues in Athletes, and More

June 6, 2016


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Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD, is a functional medicine practitioner and one of the world’s leading experts on the gut microbiome with an international practice of 19+tr years. She specializes in consulting, nutrigenomics, functional laboratory analysis, disease management, and personalized programs for executives, athletes and multitasking moms. She helps rebuild biomes to restore vitality. In October 2016, she has an upcoming book being published ‘The Amazing Gut: Secrets to Unleash the Power of Your Gut Microbiome’ on basic gut testing, ultra potent and soil-based probiotics, #Bionicfiber, fermented foods, and recipes to optimize the human biome. The body-brain-bowels can achieve their maximum potential by reconnecting their ancient networks to rich soil, plants, healthy animals, and ancestral living. This is the philosophy at the heart of her foundation TheGutInstitute.com, and also where you can go to hire Grace for health consulting. Grace is also an experienced triathlete, and practices what she preaches having rebuilt her own microbiome after gut dysbiosis.

On this show:

  • We talk PaleoFx, where Grace just was speaking, learning and enjoying delicious Paleo foods; we get the inside info on the big themes at the conference this year.
  • Check out Grace’s slides from her PaleoFx presentation: download slides for free here!
  • Grace’s story from having chronic fatigue, weight loss followed by weight gain, and gut dysbiosis to near-perfect health by removing the toxins and rebuilding a robust gut.
  • What was at the root cause of Her issues? Hormonal damage from an IUD, dental implants, vaccines, lifestyle, and more.
  • Moving out of traditional pharmacy to functional medicine, and digging into the microbiome as a key source of our health.
  • Gut dysbiosis: at the root of leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, PCOS, and so much more. Fix that and heal fast!
  • Gut issues as the root cause for hormonal issues like low testosterone and low progesterone. And how to heal.
  • Referencing the progress of MMA fighter turned ultrarunner Kyle Kingsbury who was once broken and insight from Grace on his gut healing.
  • The dangers of raw potato starch and why it can make you fat. Don’t eat raw starches! It’s not natural!
  • More resources from Grace on why raw potato starch is bad, and who should especially avoid it.
  • Noted that raw vs cooked potato starch are difference.
  • How and why do things “go wrong” in endurance athletes making it easier for bad bacteria and opportunistic pathogens to burrow in, whether they come from food, the water in which we swim, or our environments?
  • Common “bad guys” include too much e. coli, clostridium, salmonella, staph, etc. As well as parasites like giardia.
  • Our gut wall lining is just a thin layer that protects the contents in the gut from the outside blood stream–hence, leaky gut is a real risk!
  • Gut health and immunity and what happens over time when we push our bodies without respecting the health side.
  • On antibiotics: wiping out the good flora. Temporary relief but at what cost? Take with probiotics if you must take them.
  • On botanicals as a “golden” way to heal the gut by being gentle to it.
  • Mentions of Grace’s Initial Defense and her Bifido Maximus probiotic and the AMAZING results she gets when she puts people on these.
  • What does Grace think of Sound Probiotics‘ formula and how does it differ from her formula?
  • What to look for in a probiotic.
  • Why diversity in the gut is a good thing.
  • How about those athletes who never have issues? What’s different about them?
  • Nutrigenomics, gene mutations and the bad that can happen when these mutations get expressed.
  • The role of stress and inflammation in how gene mutations “turn on.”
  • Adrenaline and estrogen”hanging around” in the body is not a good thing.
  • How to “turn off” the mutations
  • The benefits of Triphala extract – bind to parasites and pathogens to remove them, but also binds to minerals and iron so don’t overuse.
  • The risks of iron overload.
  • Three steps to build a warrior gut:
  1. Test don’t guess.
  2. Weed and Seed/Feed
  3. Your gut is an athletic organ–avoid spraining, injuring or breaking it!
  • Risks of oil of oregano–it can help but it can also be harsh on the gut–as well as GSE, berberine, etc.
  • Instead consider botanicals, adaptogens, Chinese herbs
  • Boswellia for inflammation relief
  • We need to weed the gut to rid the bad, but is it vital to do this before re-seeding? Or can we do simultaneously?
  • On fiber and what’s the deal with Grace’s bionic fiber?
  • How to gradually implement fiber into the diet as a healthy prebiotic and building a robust gut, as well as when to AVOID dosing with fiber and why.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) supplementing–building gut bacteria that can aid in athletic performance
  • Other common issues that can be tied to the gut: acne, eczema, vaginal dryness, and more. Grace explains why and what to do!
  • Functional tests that Grace recommends:
  1. GDA GI Fx Stool Panel
  2. CDSA
  3. Organic Acids (Great Plains)

Learn from Grace live this December:

Microbiome Medicine weekend seminar, Dec. 3-4, 2016, Oakland, Calif. Learn how to enhance your integrative nutrition and medicine practice with practical gut protocols based on simple testing, to eradicate bloating/brain fog/fatigue, digestive disorders, anxiety/depression, reverse cancer risk, autoimmune disorders, food allergies and the epidemic of diabesity. Taught by three functional medicine pharmacists: Anh Nguyen PharmD BCACP, Ericka Gray PharmD, Grace Liu PharmD
Text 33444 with GUTLIVE for further updates and information.

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