Pack Your Body With Potent Nutrients From 12 Of The World’s Most Powerful Stress-fighting Wild Plants…

Life ShotzYou want to feel better when you wake up in the morning. You want shinier hair and healthier skin. You want a body that’s 100% equipped to fight off colds and sickness. You want to recover faster from workouts. And you want the confidence that your body is equipped with every possible nutrient it needs to defy wrinkles, stop joint degradation and defy aging.

To do all this, you’re going to need elite ingredients that directly strengthen every tiny cell in your body, and this is where Lifeshotz fits in.

LifeShotz is an anti-aging and cellular support blend that was formulated by Pacific Elite Fitness coach Ben Greenfield’s personal naturopathic physican (Dr. Todd Schlapfer). It is a powdered “shot” that you can easily carry around in your pocket, gym bag or purse. When you need to stop stress or boost your immune system, you simply add Lifeshotz to any glass of water or beverage, or dump it straight into the mouth.

The exact ingredients and formulation (listed in detail farther down on this page) are all derived from wild plants, which are some of the most “stressed” biological compounds on the of the planet. When you consume the extract of those wild plants, they pass their natural stress-fighting properties on to you.

Here is what LifeShotz does for you:

  • Keeps your cells, skin, hair, and nails young and strong due to the potent antioxidant blend.
  • Build sendurance and stamina, makes recovery faster and keeps your immune system at peak performance.
  • Provides a mental and physical boost without the damaging effects of an energy drink.
  • Allows you to get more done and have more mental focus by  giving your body supercharged nutrients like Vitamin D, resveratrol and more.

LifeShotz is all natural, with No Gluten, No Caffeine, No Preservatives, No Artificial Dyes and No Artificial Flavors.

With millions of chemical interactions taking place in every cell of your body, Life Shotz works at the cellular level to give you the total nutrition you need to wake up happy, to stay focused and positive during your daily grind, and to power through every workout. To listen to an interview with Ben Greenfield and Dr. Schlapfer about how Lifeshotz  achieves all of this by directly enhancing the ability of your cells to communicate, click here.

Click here for Lifeshotz dosage and FAQ info.

Check out the Lifeshotz supplement facts and ingredient label here.


1 Box – 10 Life Shotz Regular – $35.00


3 Boxes – 30 Life Shotz Regular – $105.00


1 Box – 10 Life Shotz Sugar-Free – $35.00


3 Boxes – 30 Life Shotz Sugar-Free – $105.00