Sports Nutrition 233: Fat-Burning Snacks To Aid Workouts, How to Set Your Daily Calorie Needs, and More

May 2, 2016


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On this show with Ben Greenfield:

  • Schooling, education and credibility as an expert in the field
  • Snacks to fuel a workout when it’s not mealtime, aiming for LCHF or Paleo style
  • The goal is to still be in a fat-burning state is you have a pre-workout snack
  • Pre-workout snack ideas, in particular for the afternoon and for strength training
  • Post-workout snack ideas: something with amino acids or consider waiting to the next real meal, and avoid going too catabolic
  • Plan your workouts with meal time to avoid too much snacking
  • Bone broth, the new sports drink?
  • Snacking from the male and female perspective
  • Follow up on Natural Calm discussion from our last episode; is this product clean, safe effective? (see below for more)
  • Other top ways to get your magnesium
  • Getting enough calories? A 67-year-old male athlete says he’s having trouble getting in 3,000 calories, what to do?
  • How to set your daily calorie needs
  • Caloric needs and health issues, the relationship

Here is what Natural Calm posted on the Reddit form in response to the poor review they received on

In regards to the Arsenic levels that Labdoor has decided to use, it is from a proposed limit over 10 years that was NEVER approved or accepted. The current established level for Arsenic is 10mcg/day. Why Labdoor decided to use a never approved or accepted proposal in unclear. In regards to the Natural Calm supplement, here is Natural Vitality’s official statement on it:
“The simple truth is that Natural Calm both meets its potency label claim and is well within the No Significant Risk Levels for arsenic and in fact is less than 10 percent of California’s Prop 65 stringent safe threshold levels. This has been consistently scientifically validated by third party test results from top American testing labs as part of standard Good Manufacturing Practices.
While testing results commissioned by Labdoor, when correctly interpreted, align perfectly with our results, their report contains a number of distortions which provide both a highly inaccurate picture and a disservice to consumers. We believe Labdoor is attempting to use our well-deserved, award-winning reputation to inflate their importance. Apparently their business model involves casting themselves as a “trusted source” by creating sensationalized stories to drive traffic to their website with the objective of creating profit from advertising sales and, interestingly, sales of supplements.
Factual Flaws
Labdoor’s Natural Calm test size was over two and a half times our recommended serving size but they did not factor that into their analysis. When correctly interpreted our results read:
Magnesium was 346 mg, about a 1% variance from our label claim of 350 mg.
Arsenic was .7992 of a microgram. Less than 8% of the California Prop 65 No Significant Risk safe threshold.
Labdoor was approached regarding their misinterpretation of the results and asked to retract their press release, send out a corrected press release and update their website.
However, Labdoor refused to admit wrong doing of any kind and continues to assert the virtue of their inaccurate position.
At this point, both through the correct interpretation of the assay provided to us from Labdoor and our retest of the lot in question, Natural Calm has been clearly shown to be accurate both in terms of label claim and in following California’s Prop 65. The laboratory used by both Labdoor and Natural Vitality was the highly regarded Covance laboratories. Covance’s interpretation of test results (both Labdoors and ours) validates our position in terms of label claim and purity.
Additional information is available at Natural Vitality customer service if desired ( Having cleared the record with scientific facts, we now consider this matter closed.”
I would be happy to provide you with the Certificate of Analysis that we had performed on an actual servings size instead of the 10.66g that Labdoor used, which is 2.5x our suggested serving size.

Comments (3)

  • I_am_Steve says:

    It's always great to hear from you guys. I couldn't help by respond to this bit:

    Entomology – the study of insects
    Entomophagy – eating insects
    And most ironically, etymology – the study of the origin of words

    Keep it up, guys!

  • damdamt says:

    We're all glad to hear that you both went to school to study nutrition and whatnot, but how can you then talk about this "vibrational frequencies of foods and cells" non-sense ?! Ben's sentences do not even make sense to anyone with knowledge of high-school physics, he's just putting together scientific buzzwords alongside some other correct facts. This is downright dangerous because it blurs the line for the casual listener,
    and it kills your credibility for anything else you discuss.

    Sorry to be a downer on this one, I'm a big fan of the podcast but better stick to what your expertise is in, i.e. exercise physiology and training advice.

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