Sports Nutrition: A Hodgepodge of Your Questions Answered

September 21, 2011

Ben Greenfield joins us for this episode of Endurance Planet to answer your questions on whether to take liquids or whole foods during the last part of the bike during a 70.3, the product Veema and other liquid vitamin supplements, supplements for varicose veins, different types of sodium/electrolyte tabs for cramping and more during races, fueling for ultra races, hypertension and athletic supplements with sodium, and much more. Ask your sports nutrition questions on our Facebook page!

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  • hksparky says:

    Ben mentioned Living Protein's Super Green's and Super Berry's as good broad spectrum anti-oxidant to fight radicals after strenuous exercise.

    1) Does Mt Capra's Solar Synergy also have those broad spectrum anti-oxidants?

    2) How long do these radicals exist in the body? For example, does taking those broad spectrum anti-oxidants the next morning after strenuous exercise still help? Or is it too late and the free radicals have already been cleared from the body?

    • 1) Mt. Capra has does not have the antioxidants you get from seeds, nuts, etc. But it is a good source of antioxidants, and I feel it gives me a BOOST if I take it before workouts or sip during the day.

      2) Free radicals are ALWAYS in your body as they are a normal byproduct of metabolism. They are just unpaired electrons. It's not really how long they last as much as how many are produced. They'll be "instantly" buffered by antioxidants, but the antioxidants need to be in the body when the free radicals are produced. As long as you're getting daily doses of antioxidants in food/diet, you'll be fine.

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