Sports Nutrition: Are Women’s-Specific Nutrition Products Necessary, Breakdown of Amino Acids in Supplements like MAP, Finding Your Right Diet and More

February 16, 2014
Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions and talk the latest in sports nutrition. On this show we discuss:
-The benefits on eating organic grassfed heart: its mitochondrial content, dense nutrient profile, and heart’s potential benefit for athletic performance
-Are women’s-specific nutrition products necessary, and more details on female stuff: the menstrual cycle, phases and how that may effect performance in sport
-Tawnee mentions this study that showed no effect of cycle phase on performance.
-How to start tracking your cycle today
-Amino acid discussion: what’s essential, non-essential, BCAA, and what does a product like MAP contain
-Importance of certain levels/ratios of amino acids
-Is V8 vegetable juice any good as it is made from concentrate? Is anything made from concentrate any good for you?
-Confusion on finding the right diet and how to go about doing so for optimal performance in triathlon. Hire a nutritionist? Trial and error? Testing?
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