Sports Nutrition: Diet and Nutrition of Elite Athletes

January 6, 2012

On this episode of Sports Nutrition, Ben Greenfield answers your questions on the topics of: saturated fats from animal sources — are they bad and/or worse than plant-based sources, sprouting wheat berries, the plant supplement Moringa Oleifera, nutrition strategy for Leadman Ultra (and how to eat during recovery phase between races), why just single out BCAAs and more on amino acid supplementation, how do elite/pro endurance athletes approach nutrition, and the benefits of ginger. Ask your sports nutrition questions on out facebook page!

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  • Jenny says:

    Ben referred to using a "complete amino acid" chain as a supplement and not just BCAA's, however I was curious about what type of supplements to use that contain complete amino acid chains for heavy training and racing loads.. I typically use Sports Quest directs "Recover" product. Thank you!

  • Each pound of body fat is maintained by less than one extra calorie per hour. In general, obesity is not a condition maintained by overeating, obesity is a condition brought about and maintained by eating more calories than the body uses, consistently. Thanks a lot.

  • Understanding sports nutrition leads to optimal athletic performance and lifetime health benefits and can thus be evaluated by the intake of certain nutrients and supplements when exercising, by learning the way the body utilizes these materials and how these practices complement future diet and exercise of the individual.

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