Sports Nutrition: Understanding Adaptogens and Their Pros and Cons for Athletes, Figuring Out Ideal Carb Intake (Female Specific), Safe Storage Containers, Beet Juice vs. Smoothies

March 13, 2014
Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on:
-Adaptogens and what are they? Are there any worries with intake of too much of adaptogens? What different adaptogens do in the body to support the athlete? When is it beneficial to take them? Use them before or during long races? Best types and more?
-Female endurance athlete trying to figure the best amount/type of carbs to eat, which to avoid, FODMAP issues, and carb/calorie needs for females vs. males
-When it comes to food/drink containers, what are the best choices, what to avoid, and why?
-Is there a difference in drinking beet juice vs blending it?
-And More!
-Shoutout to Seabirds Kitchen in Costa Mesa, Calif.
-More on the ‘FASTER’ low-carb study, with more result details and more.
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