Sports Nutrition: Weight Loss The Fat Adapted Way, Is Calories-Counting a Waste, Vitamin D or D3 This Winter, Egg Intolerances and More

January 5, 2014
Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions:
-Taking Vitamin D or D3 in the winter as a supplement
-Developing an intolerance and inability to eat eggs in the morning — why and what are good low carb breakfast ideas for an endurance athlete
-Weight loss and doing it fat adapted — do’s and don’t and do calories and carbs count?
-Creatine as a supplement for endurance athletes working on power output in the offseason; specifically for a vegetarian athlete
-Adding coconut oil to shakes, etc, and how to make it not clump
-Food talk
…and more!
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  • Robin says:

    A belated Happy New Year, I love the show and would like to thank you for all the great content you provide. I especially like the Maffetone episodes but most of the episodes have something I can take away which is great food for thought.

    All the best for 2014!

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