Sports Nutrition: Why Athletes Need To Supplement More Than Others, The 101 on Maca Root, What ‘Kills’ The Performance Effect of Beet Juice, and More

July 13, 2013
Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on using the fuel Tailwind, why athletes supplement, sources and absorption of supplements, nitrates in beet juice and others foods, good protein powder to get in Canada, tons of info on maca, and much more.
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  • Jennyv says:

    Thanks for talking about Tailwind Nutrition´╗┐ during your podcast! To answer your question, Ben is right. Tailwind Nutrition was designed as an “all in one fuel” so you don’t need to supplement with anything else. As endurance athletes, we know how difficult it is to juggle calories, electrolytes, and hydration the longer you go so one of our goals was to simplify your fueling needs. We have folks using Tailwind at 24+ hour events as their sole fuel source. You can learn more at or just drop us an email at

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