Tina Muir: Building a Healthier Mind and Body To Beat Amenorrhea and Start a Family

October 20, 2017


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On this show we catch up with pro runner Tina Muir, who’s had many life changes since we last spoke with her in 2016 (listen to that podcast here). If you don’t know Tina, she is a pro runner from the UK and living in Kentucky with her husband, who’s a running coach. Last year Tina reached new heights in her career by running in the World Championships for her home country, and just months later PR’ing in the marathon with a 2:36 (at CIM). In 2017, she decided to take a break from running to recover hear health, hormones and to start a family, which she’s done with immense success. You can read about Tina’s transformation on her blog here, and check out her fabulous podcast, Running 4 Real, here! Also, to learn about Tina’s strength training programs that she mentions on the show, click here.

Topics covered:

  • Taking a break from running – a REAL break with NO running!
  • Realizing that sugar cravings meant something more – was still under-fueled and too lean for a very long time. Sugar cravings left once body was in better balance.
  • Allowing the body to balance out and gain weight.
  • Mentally dealing with the big changes that come with taking a break and putting your sport on hold to focus on health.
  • The road to regaining a period and wondering, will it ever come back?! Keeping faith, mitigating stress and dealing with the waiting game.
  • Wondering: Will I be able to get pregnant after all my body’s been through?
  • The benefits of having no expectations when it comes to conceiving.
  • I’m pregnant – now what?
  • Returning to running AFTER becoming pregnant.
  • Tips for running, strength training and working out while pregnant.
  • Listening to your body and not being stubborn.
  • And more!

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