Triathlete Matt Bach: Newly Crowned Ironman Champion on Winning IM Maryland as an Amateur, Plus His Metabolic Efficiency, Kona Goals, and More

September 25, 2014
Meet Ironman Champion Matt Bach, 27, of New Jersey. Matt’s a member of Team Zoot and a triathlete since 2010. On Sept. 20, 2014, Matt won IMMD in 8:51 with a 1:05 swim, 4:41 bike and 3:00:25 run, which earned him the win by more than 5 minutes. IMMD was the first Ironman to not feature a pro field. It was Matt’s fifth Ironman and a PR performance. He’ll now race Kona in 2015, his second time at the Ironman World Championships.
On this show we get to know Matt and discuss:MattBachIMMDChamp
His Secrets to Success
So…. what changed this year for IM Maryland that led to his huge Ironman PR of nearly an hour???
-Got a coach (Tailwind endurance)
-No injuries thanks for strength training/PT
-Power meter
-Adjusted diet and fueling to be more metabolically efficient
Race Coverage of IMMD
-Matt’s thoughts
-Awarding the winners
His background
-Runner in HS and college
-When and how he got started in triathlon
-Doing it for his brother who died of cancer, and raising money for St. Jude’s
Balancing Full-Time Work and Training
-Day job at a hedge fund company
-A Day in the Life
-Morning workouts
-Wife and dogs
Diet and Metabolic Efficiency for Success
-This year how he became extremely fat-adapted and the benefits he saw
-Raced on less than 100cal an hour at IMMD!!!!
-Fuels using primarily Generation UCAN SuperStarch – find out more at
-Works with Nicci Schock of ElevateByNicci
-His pre race dinner and breakfast
-Macronutrients in his regular diet
-Will we see Matt going pro???
-Half-Ironman goals
-Plans for the rest of 2014 and the 2015 season leading into Kona
-Goals for the IM World Championships next year
-Team Zoot member

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