Triathlon News with Thorsten Radde: KPR Update With July Cutoffs for Kona, The Women’s Pro Race Debate Heats Up, and More

August 5, 2014

Thorsten Radde, of and author of the KPR Observer, joins the show again for the latest after the July cutoffs on the Kona Points Rankings (race reports on IM Zurich, IM Lake Placid, IM Canada). Tune in to find out who’s locked in for the Ironman World Championships, who’s on the bubble, and how tricky it is to qualify with August racing.

We also discuss with Thorsten the debate between pro men vs. pro women invited to race Kona, and Thorsten gives his analytical perspective on why it’s 50 men vs. 35 women, as well as thoughts on how it should change to be more equal and fair.

Also addressed is the KPR structure allowing for heavy August racing and how that affects racing in Kona, prize purses, the IMLP7th situation (find out more from The Real Starky), slowtwitch article on pro times at Kona, effect of social media, and more.

Please note: Shortly after this show was recorded IRONMAN issued a press release noting many changes to the KPR and structuring of IRONMAN races, prize purses, etc.; some of those changes directly addressed items we discuss on this show. Here’s a brief exert from the IRONMAN press release issued Sunday, Aug. 3, for reference and link to the full article:

“In 2015, IRONMAN will have a total professional prize payout of over $5 million – an increase from 2014. Debuting next year, IRONMAN will be shifting the Professional Prize Purse structure in the Americas at select IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 races designated for professional competition. All other races will be age-group competition only. This change will feature the following enhancements: 
  • Fewer focused professional races creating bigger prize purses in those races
  • All Championship races will pay first through 10th
  • A meaningful and regionally fair schedule that promotes more head-to-head competition between top professional athletes
  • Improved sequencing of events with consideration of World Championship.”

IRONMAN also announced further changes to regional championship races, the swim start at Kona and more. Read the full article here.

…and get hooked up with Thorsten and his latest: blogs, KPR Observer, and his podcast!

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