Doc’s Skincare for Athletes

Docs Skin Care

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What’s on your chamois?

Doc’s Skincare® offers all-natural long-lasting skin and body protection for athletes that’s free from nasty chemicals providing the ultimate comfort and protection to avoid the dreaded chafe, friction, burning, hotspot… you name it! Doc’s meets the demanding requirements of all endurance athletes – triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, rowers, obstacle racers, etc – as well as recreational sports and fitness enthusiasts.

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Why Doc’s?

Because they get it. The company’s founder, Dr. Joshua Barton, is a practicing physician and competitive cyclist/endurance athlete who’s personally familiar with the physical demands and health risks of competitive athletes. He was dissatisfied with the expensive, chemical-ridden and useless cycling creams on the market, so “Doc” decided to make his own personal chamois cream and better, healthier products with higher quality ingredients. Today, the entire Doc’s Skincare team is run by competitive endurance athletes with a combined 30-plus years experience in endurance sports. Their product line is formulated to provide maximum physical comfort and protection against painful skin irritation and potentially dangerous sores so that athletes can focus entirely on performance and pleasure.

Doc’s Skincare products include:

Chamois Cream

Chafe Stick

Saddle Sore Ointment


Muscle Balm

Massage Elixir

Swim Shampoo
Use the code “enduranceplanet” for 30% off + FREE Shipping

Or head to
and use the code “enduranceplanet” for 30% off and free shipping!

What we love:

Among their great products, host Tawnee Prazak got hooked on Doc’s after trying the anti-chafe stick and chamois cream — in fact, she’ll even use the chamois cream on bike rides less than an hour; it’s just that good and effective! Plus, as you know, Tawnee and the EP team are all about clean living whether food or products used in daily life. It’s a win-win with Doc’s because it’s free from harmful chemicals and the products actually work, like buttah, so you can slather that stuff on all over before your event worry-free.

In fact, research shows that when you’re comfortable “in all the right spots,” performance will skyrocket!(Yup, it’s true!) So don’t miss out on reaching your potential with this very easy, safe remedy!