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Thorne Research meets the demands of athletes and people worldwide who are serious about health, well-being and performance. Thorne products are innovative, high-quality, research-based nutritional supplements, health diagnostics technology platforms, and more. There are no GMOs, fillers, gluten or wheat, and supplements come in superior capsule form. We use Thorne supplements ourselves and trust their integrity. We especially love their Multi Vitamin Elite AM/PM!

At Fullscript you get access to over 15,000 quality supplements from over 300 trusted brands like Nordic Naturals, PerfectAmino by BodyHealth, Pure Encapsulations, and Designs for Health. Fullscript guarantees their products are never past expiry, counterfeit, or stored incorrectly. Make sure to sign up using our link to access our exclusive discount!.


88% of American adults are metabolically unhealthy, and health concerns are still on the rise. The current food supply is loaded with chemicals and devoid of minerals. Refined carbohydrates and highly processed foods make us deficient in essential micronutrients. Crucial FOUR offers nutrient-dense supplements that fill in the gaps left by modern food and supports stress relief, performance, immunity and energy. Start shopping here for 10% off your first order.


Rosita Real Foods is a family-run company in Norway that handcrafts the only wild-caught, raw and unprocessed fish liver oils, like their cod liver oil, on the market today. Our company is comprised of old-time, genuine Norwegians and fishermen who live and breathe pure fish oil. We follow sustainable, hand-caught fishing practices using an open boat with a shelter deck on the Norwegian fjords’ icy clean waters. Your fish oils are then cold-pressed in small batches using an ancient Viking technique — without the use of heat and chemicals. This way, they retain all of their original, robust nutrients and omega fatty acids, just as Mother Nature intended. Start shopping here.


Alongside top health pioneers & primitive experts Earth Runners created comfortable, adventure-approved earthing sandals. Earth Runners are vegan with no animal products used and are GOTS certified. Their copper and stainless steel earthing system grounds you to the Earth. Earth Runners are made with secure & free ergonomic laces and Vibram® outsoles for a responsive sure footed experience. Get your Earth Runners here.

Skratch Labs is here to help all athletes perform better with sports nutrition that is simple, delicious, and based on science. No non-functional additives, like artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives – Skratch uses real food and real ingredients designed to help athletes perform and to create sports nutrition that you’ll actually want to eat. And Skratch guarantees their products will help you perform better. If they don’t, we’ll help you find something else or refund your purchase. It’s on us – no matter what – because we’re here to help.

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UCAN SuperStarch is the revolutionary fuel of choice for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts to promote fat burning, metabolic efficiency and better health+performance. SuperStarch is an all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO innovation carbohydrate nutrition without the insulin response. Use the code “enduranceplanet2021” at checkout or start shopping here for 15% off.

InsideTracker helps you to optimize your body’s performance using sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for you. Get your personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations with InsideTracker, with the goal of improving performance, recovery and longevity. As an Endurance Planet listener enjoy 10% off by clicking here!

Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online marketplace offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. Think Costco meets Whole Foods online. For less than $5 a month ($59.95 annually), members can shop 2,500 of the highest quality food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products from more than 400 of the best brands on the market, all delivered straight to their doors at 25-50% below retail prices.


PerfectAmino is a specially formulated, non-GMO, vegan-sourced, NSF Certified for Sport, pharmaceutical-grade amino acid supplement that offers a unique pattern of essential amino acids making it more effective than any other protein source – including food – to enhance athletic performance, muscle growth and repair, prevent fatigue, and much more. Read more on Tawnee’s blog. Also, check out Body Health’s other supplements for optimal health and Perfect CALM, BodyHealth’s new magnesium drink.  Experience improved cardiovascular health, proper digestion, bone health and post-workout muscle recovery. Most people get plenty of calcium in their diets, however due to diet, stress, medication use, diuretic use, heavy exercise and much more, most don’t get enough magnesium, so their balance is way off.