Jamie Busch, MD, Pro Mountain Biker: Can You Be Fit But Unhealthy, Functional vs. Western Medicine, Top Health Tests for Athletes, and More

August 26, 2014

Jamie_at_DownievilleDr. Jamie Busch is practising physician, medical director and co-founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, and professional mountain biker. On this show she’ll provide a wealth of information for athletes looking to optimize health and performance.

Specifically we discuss:
-Jamie’s story and background as a  mountain biker, doctor and co-founder of NBT.
-The state of healthcare today
-Western/traditional medical practices vs. functional medicine approach; pros and cons of each
-Disease in today’s population
-Athletes with health problems including diabetes
-Athletes with high cholesterol – what could that mean; plus debunking myths on cholesterol
-Foods and diet for good cholesterol
-Health vs performance for athletes and why health needs to be priority
-Jamie ‘s own health struggles that she’s faced as a busy athlete and doctor, and the steps and tests she’s taken to resolve her issues
-H. Pilori
-Adrenal fatigue – why does it happen, how does it manifest into a big problem
-Best health tests for athletes, and timing of testing for athletes
-and much more

Top 3 Tests Recommended by Nourish Balance Thrive
-Adrenal profile test
-GI stool sample test
-Comprehensive metabolic profile test

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  • Elizabeth says:

    what were the 3 supplements Dr Busch recommended (and I think you said he has you on?) I was listening at the gym and couldn’t write down the names or probably spell them correctly 🙂 Thanks – great episode.

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      I think you mean the three recommended tests, which you can find in the show notes! Thanks and glad you enjoyed it!

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