KPR Observer

The KPR Observer

A Special Offer for Endurance Planet Fans – Save $5


Wanna be a triathlon geek like us? The 2015 KPR Observer, created by EP’s very own Thorsten Radde of our bi-weekly TriNews show, makes understanding and following the KPR rankings easy. The Kona Pro Ranking (or KPR for short) is the system used to determine which Professional triathletes qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. It can be complicated but the KPR Observer breaks it down nicely and there are ongoing updates via email during the season. It’s also great to have the KPR to help you follow along during TriNews with Thorsten and Tawnee!

Buy now and save!

Act before mid-November and benefit from the pre-release price of $24, after that the price will be $29.

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What’s included in the KPR Observer:

The Initial Information Package (delivered at the time of purchase) contains:

  • a description of how the KPR works in qualifying Pros for Kona
  • base predictions of the men’s and women’s cutoff
  • graphs and descriptions of the current KPR standings

Six to 10 Email Updates during the season about the KPR Standings, who is already in, who is close to qualifying, how many slots are still open and updated estimates of where the cutoffs will occur.

If you want to qualify as a Pro, coach a Pro athlete, write about professional Ironman racing or are otherwise interested in the KPR, this is must-read information and will help you gain a much deeper insight into the KPR at a fraction of the time if you had to do it yourself!