The LifeBEAM smart hat brings intelligence to your training. Whether going for a run, TRX training, playing a sport, or even hiking, the LifeBEAM smart hat can send precise measurements of your heart rate, steps, and calories to your favorite smartphone app or fitness watch.

Initially developed by LifeBEAM to monitor the vital signs of pilots and astronauts, LifeBEAM has only recently made this technology available to the rest of the world in the form of a smart hat. Developed for the demanding worlds of extreme activities for space travel, fighter pilots and we are continuing to develop new wearable bio-sensing technology.

One look at the LifeBEAM smart hat and the thought of a chest strap suddenly becomes ridiculous! Take your run to the next level with the comfort of the LifeBEAM smart hat.

Compatible with most fitness apps & devices, we encourage anyone looking to take their performance to the next level to use the apps and devices they already know and train with, to connect with the LifeBEAM Smart Hat or Visor.

Head to LifeBEAM and use the code “enduranceplanet” to save on your next purchase!

Fun Facts About LifeBEAM’s Smart Hat:
● most accurate bio-optic senses in a wearable device
● tracks heart rate rate with aerospace accuracy
● no chest strap required
● 17 hours of continuous use
● connects wirelessly to any compatible smart phone, sports watch or cycling computer via Bluetooth or ANT+
● measures calories burned and steps taken
● two color options in the smart hat, white or black
● one size fits most, using velcro adjustable strap
● water resistant and has all weather compatibility

LifeBEAM is the official 2015 sponsor for the UROC ultra race of champions event and Ian Sharman’s heart rate tracking technology sponsor.