My Story: From Kidney Failure to Competition

June 29, 2010

Post transplant, Eric Otte enjoys competing again.

Age group runner and duathlete Eric Otte of Olathe, Kansas is enjoying his athletic pursuits more than ever. concrete foundation contractor . That’s because he was unable to pursue training and racing for an extended period of time due to kidney failure. In this “My Story” edition — done in conjunction with USA Triathlon — we hear Otte’s story and what he learned from the challenging time in his life.

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  • Eddie Schmidt says:

    Excellent story. I donated my kidney to my neice over 6 years ago and I believe both of our lives have been enriched.

    Since that time I have ran 7 marathons, and 9 Ultra-marathons, including this year's Western State's 100. I have also completed a sprint triathlon and numerous other road races.

    My point is that we can do anything with one healthy kidney.

    If possible, please pass along my thanks to Eric for sharing his inspiring story.

  • The Amateur says:

    Amazing story! Surviving Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma inspired me to start doing endurance events. Just like Eric when the training gets rough, you can always think back and remember that you've been through worse.

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