The Living List

Cleaning Products

Personal Care – Skincare, Makeup, Oral, Kids, etc.

Kitchen, Cookware and Food Storage

  • Cooking:
    • Stainless steel—pots, pans, cookie sheets and muffin tins
      • All-Clad
      • Calphalon
    • Ceramic
      • Xtrema—we got their 10 quart pot to replace a crockpot
    • Enameled cast iron
      • Le Crueset Dutch oven
    • Cast iron
    • Glass pyrex
      • Great for non-toxic baking
    • Loaf pans
      • We have glass, cast iron, SS (we use a variety)
  • Food storage, accessories, cups, etc
    • Glass
      • Snapware, yes they have plastic lids but not worrying about it 😉
      • Pyrex for cooking and storage (larger volume meals, etc)
    • Stainless steel
    • Silicone, natural wood, bamboo—great non-toxic alternatives to plastic and when you prefer to avoid SS or breakable/fragile materials.
    • SodaStream—DIY carbonated water with glass bottles
    • Mason jars
      • We use these for everything! All shapes and sizes (wide-mouth preferred); big glass jugs for bulk storage, liquids, general drinking glasses, etc.


  • Aquasana shower filter
  • Drinking water (options we’ve used or are considering):
    • Premier RO system
    • SpringAqua
    • Pristine Hydro

Home Goods & Healthy Home Environment

  • A Healthier Home by Shawna Holman
  • Look for OEKO-TEX label for cleaner items that have been tested for and are free of harmful substances
    • There are different levels and categories of this but it’s overall becoming more widely prevalent making non-toxic more mainstream and accessible
  • GOTS for top of the line
  • Natural materials like wool, cotton (over synthetics, polyester, etc)
  • Air filters:
    • Air Doctor
  • Rugs—try to get those without backing, made with more natural fibers (e.g. cotton, wool, jute)


  • Air fresheners, plug-in air fresheners
  • Scented candles, go for beeswax and if needing scent EOs
  • Plastic liners in crockpots or cooking anything
  • Foil—use parchment paper instead, good for baking up to 420-450 deg F; or butcher paper
  • Plastic wraps, try beeswax wrap!