Sports Nutrition: Prevent Swim Cramps, Ease Your Asthma and More

July 7, 2012

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on at-home testosterone kits (and why test this), “recovering” from GI issues during a race, joint problems, solutions for cramping during an Ironman swim, exercise-induced asthma, gels with chia,¬†supplementing with Capsaicin to help with inflammation, ideal snacks before early workouts, and more.

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  • Jenny says:

    Great podcast. I got lucky that I found a bronchitis cure that works for me, but not everyone is as lucky. Following these tips on sports nutrition would help people on their way to better health.

  • madisonearsman says:

    My daughter’s asthma started to occur less when we transferred back to Tampa. She got into swimming when her friends invited her. Afraid that she would get asthma attack without me to help her, I encouraged them to swim at home, right after installing our pool gates in tampa. I wanted them to be safe, too. Now she’s more active and have no asthma attack for more than a year.

  • Shamica says:

    My brother always experiences having cramps when he swims at swimming pools Perth so whenever he wants to go there, I am always asked by my mom to watch him or join him. I am hoping that this audio can help him prevent cramps so that he can enjoy that activity anytime and anywhere.

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