An Interview With The New Voice of Endurance Planet

January 22, 2011

Tawnee Prazak brings a vast knowledge base to Endurance Planet: Tawnee is a triathlete living in Orange County, Calif., with a diverse career that includes triathlon/endurance sports coach, freelance journalist, strength & conditioning coach/personal trainer, exercise physiologist, blogger and model. And she’s on track to get her master’s degree in kinesiology. Tawnee loves racing triathlon (focus on 70.3 and Ironman), but she’s equally passionate about helping others with fitness, health and sport, as well as being an active voice in endurance sports media. When she’s not busy training or working, she enjoys cooking, eating, reading and sleeping. Find out more at or her blog

Click here to download the interview with Tawnee.

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  • Richard says:

    The last two podcasts have a audio issue. Ben, your audio is much lower than the interviewee so it makes the listener adjust the volume.
    Your podcast will not download on itunes in China. I live in Shanghai and if your feed uses feedburner that is the issue. I must always download when return to US or listen directly from internet. Most podcasts from other websites don't have this issue. There is big potential audience in China due to large amount of marathon runners.

    • Thanks Richard, we're working on addressing that volume issue. it will be fixed ASAP.

      Regarding China, yes that is the problem with sending straight to iTunes from feedburner, but there's a simple trick. There is an "add podcast" option under the "advanced" menu tab in iTunes. In that box, paste this: . Let me know if that works!

  • Jeff M says:

    Welcome to the family Tawnee,

  • Mark K says:

    Tawnee – welcome to endurance planet. I have listened to every single EP podcast and Kevin did a GREAT job. I look forward to you keeping up the great tradition. I am an advid marathoner and would love more stories on marathons and marathoners. An interview with Carey Pinkowski (Chicago Marathon) would be great.

  • Richard says:

    It worked. Thanks for the solution.

  • Barry B says:

    I'm sure our new host has great creds and will do a good job but – she sounds like she's 15. It's a hard adjustment….

    • Tawnee Prazak says:

      Barry, I can't help but laugh at your comment. I do sound pretty young, that's true, and the same goes for how I look–I'm in my mid-20s but quite often people mistake me for a high schooler… that will hopefully work to my benefit later in life 🙂 As for the show, I'm doing my best and am slowly getting used to it; let's just say there are some pretty big shoes to fill (i.e. Kevin Patrick!). Thanks for your faith in me 🙂


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