Andrew Hall: From Hormone-Depleted Triathlete To Thriving Ironman Amateur Champion, With Bonus Sports Nutrition Plan!

July 1, 2022


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On this episode we welcome Andrew Hall, 36, an elite triathlete from Salt Lake City, UT. Andrew joins us to candidly share his journey from the health and hormonal issues he faced during his early years in triathlon to adopting a new approach and pursuing a level of healing that’s not only allowed him to fix the issues that ailed him, but also has led him to performing as a top amateur triathlete at the Ironman distance. Follow along with Andrew’s triathlon journey at @andrewtrihall.

Getting into sport, stepping up to 70.3s, being self-coached, slightly obsessed, probably taking the wrong approach to training and racing and noticing things were off by end of 2016.

What Andrew thinks he did that ultimately led to health issues, namely low testosterone and hormonal imbalances, dangerously low body mass, and more.

Signs and symptoms, how he became more aware of what exactly was going on, and what actions he took. 

Working with sports med doctors at first, but then being coached by triathlete Matt Bach for a more holistic approach.

His approach toward healing and rebuilding what he’d lost, under Matt’s guidance.

Healing took about two years of work and trial and error. For a while, cut training by 2/3… meanwhile a heightened focus on sleep, strength training, etc.

What did he learn about himself during that time of intense healing? 

The rebuild back into specific training, utilizing MAF, and then the pandemic and how that played a role.

With everything he’s learned, Matt shares his approach to balancing performance and health.

Tackling the Ironman distance with immense success at IM CdA 2021, as well as IM StG 2022.

And as promised in the interview, here is a breakdown of Andrew’s sports nutrition plan he uses for Ironman:

Ironman sports nutrition plan:

2 serving of UCAN Lemon
1 serving of vanilla whey protein
Mixed in almond milk
Scratch lab hyper hydration mix
2 UCAN edge prior to swim
2x bottles with 5 servicing of UCAN with a salt stick pill and alt sur red tablet mixed in
1 bottle of UCAN hydrate
3x sis gels with 2 contain caffeine from 75-200mgs
Water and other drinks (red bull/ Cola) as wanted/needed
2-5 Maurten gels as needed, usually not the full gel is consumed.

*Add more electrolytes as needed and based on heat/weather conditions.

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