Andy Potts: On His Race-Best Fourth at the Ironman World Championships, How He Trained to Nail a Sub-2:50 Marathon, His Future (Big) Kona Goals, and Much More

October 13, 2014

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photo 1Pro, Andy Potts, finished second American and fourth overall in the Ironman World Championships this year, coming off an unfortunate DNS from 2013 due to a stress fracture. In fact Potts has now raced in Kona six times out of the past seven years, and this year’s fourth place result was his best to date.

In this show we get the whole story from Andy plus LOTS of useful tips for any Ironman athlete (or athlete in general) including:

  • How he finally discovered he had a stress fracture last season and taking steps to recover, including having to pull out of Kona last year,
  • Why he felt he had a “bad” swim this year,
  • Dynamics of the bike,
  • How he worked to improve his bike and run for Kona this year (which resulted in the third fastest run of the day – a 2:48),
  • Tips for the rest of us,
  • Using data while racing,
  • and more!

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