Anne and Tina: Blind Athlete/Guide Team On Racing Ironman, and Training to Be First Female Duo to Tackle Kona Ironman World Championships

July 1, 2014
Anne Thilges and Tina Ament aren’t your typical “couple” who race triathlon together. Tina is a blind athlete, and Anne is her guide. Together they race Ironman (and do quite well!). This year they’ve earned the opportunity to become the first female blind athlete/guide team to race in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Most recently, Anne and Tina raced in Challenge Atlantic City June 29, and you can see their results here. On this show, Anne and Tina take us through how they met, what it’s like to race an Ironman side by side for a full 140.6, the logistics of working together as a team, and Kona training. We also get to the the personal stories of both Tina and Anne:
-40:00 hear Tina’s story including her life growing up with a condition that left her blind.
-47:00 hear Anne’s story as an athlete who’s been racing Ironman since ’95.
Read a full article on Tina’s journey in the Washington Post!

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Photo credit: J Andres Vargas of Lead Adventure Media

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  • jon says:

    So inspiring! Good luck in Kona!!!

  • liu973 says:

    Timely podcast for me. Just this past weekend at the Atlantic City race, I was passing Anne+Tina when they were talking to an official about stomach pains and were contemplating about ending the race. Later on I saw her resume her and next morning saw her on stage. Very inspired and best of luck at Kona!

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