Army Major Mike Erwin on Team RWB

March 5, 2011

Army Major Mike Erwin is on a mission. Last year, the West Point grad and current Ph.D. student founded Team Red, White and Blue (Team RWB) as a way to use endurance sports to help and support wounded warriors. Team RWB is already growing by leaps and bounds with members all over the U.S. and beyond participating in everything from long-distance running events to triathlons. In this episode, Endurance Planet finds out more about Major Erwin and Team RWB. To join the team, click here.

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  • Patrice says:

    This was awesome. I am a US Army Veteran who had already signed up for the MCM. I have never raised money before, but this Team RBW is awesome. I always feel strange asking for money, but I think America needs to support our wounded veterans in a real way and wants to do just that if they have the opportunity. A recent Oprah highlighted that most Americans are unaffected by this 9 year old war. Really?
    Hats off to you MAJ Erwin. Also- have a great time teaching at USMA– I'm a former Law P!

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