Ask The Athlete: Crazy Port-o-Potty and Emergency Bathroom Stories with Commentary by Brock and Tawnee

September 22, 2014

potty swim bike runWe’ve launched a brand-new show on Endurance Planet where YOU can participate by sharing your story on a pre-determined topic (topics announced on the show)! Stories must be 90 seconds max, and you can easily record your story for free at at

Those who’ve shared a story are entered to win a FREE consultation with Brock or Tawnee! We choose the winner based on the “best” story on the given topic!

In this inaugural show we hear five port-o-potty and bathroom horror stories athletes faced during training or racing. And, oh boy, we have some folks who weren’t afraid to tell all! After each of the stories, Brock and Tawnee provide some commentary and share their thoughts (and even their own related stories).

Next month’s topic:
The “dumbest” thing you’ve done within 48 hours before a big race that sabotaged your race day — whether conscious or subconscious! Record now at!

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  • Jennifer says:

    I love the recent additions to your podcasts particularly ones with Thorsten and Brock. I love the run and swim analysis as well. I have to say though this was a tough one to listen to. I found some stories to be funny but some were just gross. I couldn’t finish listening.

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