Ask The Athletes: Introducing A Brand New Show

August 29, 2014

hB24F9029Today in this quick and dirty podcast, Tawnee and Brock introduce a brand new interactive, call-in show called: Ask The Athletes!

That’s right, we want to hear from you guys, the athletes. We want you to share your triumphs, your failures, your funny tales, your embarrassing moments and your epic anecdotes on this brand new call-in podcast. And BEST OF ALL the person with the best story will win a one-on-one consultation with Tawnee or Brock.

This month we are looking for your “Porta-Potty Disaster” stories. Go over to to record your story and if it fits our criteria, we will play it on the show.

Notez Bien: you only have 90 seconds to record your story so make sure you have it planned out – no rambling allowed. Don’t worry, we tested it and 90 seconds was plenty of time for Brock to tell his sweaty-spandex-pants-around-ankles tale so it should also be plenty of time for you!

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