Ask The Coaches: Jump Rope For Better Fitness and More

October 4, 2012

Lucho joins to answer your questions on how to incorporate jump roping into training for better strength, endurance, muscular balance and more; making the transition from rowing to triathlon; how to best approach downhill running with cadence, speed, etc; the sights you see when swimming in Kailua Bay in Kona (and more on Kona); how to increase run mileage when training for your first marathon; using data to see if MAF is working; back to back bike rides; and more. Ask your questions on our facebook page.

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  • Keith Brown says:

    Tawney and Lucho. Thanks for so much for commenting on my MAF progress. I'm a Canadian living in Japan so sorry about the metric figures. Since you asked(sort of) my upcoming races are,

    10/21/2012 Half marathon (road) in the mountains (hills) of Nagano, Japan.

    11/25/2012 10k roadrace in Gifu

    12/2/2012 4 hour relay race in Nagoya 8 person team 2.5km laps.

    12/9/2012 My first full marathon in Nara, Japan.

    1/13/2013 1/2 Marathon in Minokamo, Japan

    2//2013 10k PR attempt

    3/2013 1/2 marathon PR attempt.

    Planning to run everything conservatively while I build my MAF for the PR tries in the new year.
    I included the links just for kicks.
    Love the podcast !

    • Lucho says:

      Keith- If you plan to continue testing for MAF then I would still recommend extending the duration of the test. Your 'A' races are in February and March so I would hold back a bit on the specific focus for these races until late December but would now include 2-3 days with strides (4-6 X 15" to start and then every week adding time which will transition you gradually in to speed/ specific work).

  • Thanks for the long advice on the jump ropes. I tried starting out regular sessions a couple of weeks ago, but being way too enthousiastic caused me having sore ankles for about three weeks. Oops: lesson learned.

    Gonna try taking it up again after my next marathon and this time without ripping my ankels apart. 😉

    Thanks again! 🙂

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