Ask The Coaches: Lucho and Tawnee Coming to You From LA

February 23, 2013

On this special episode of ATC, Lucho and Tawnee sit down together in downtown LA to answer your questions on the best cadence and gear shifting strategy when cycling on short and long rolling hills, is running with the baby buggy good or bad, lateral knee pain likely related to ITB and at what point do you decide to not do an upcoming race, more on being too muscularly weak on the bike to get heart rate to max and workouts to fix that, is it still a fasted workout if you have coffee with cream and sugar, the differences between a taper and just resting up for a key race, and more.

Click here to download audio.

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  • Robert says:

    Does Tim coach?? If so, how does a person get a hold of him to inquire about his coaching services??

  • Lee says:

    Love the podcast!.. here’s the question. Is the ‘Insanity 30’ workout worth the $120 for a ultra runner? I’m thinking of starting doing the programme in the mornings before work, and still maintaining my 60 – 80 running miles a week in the evenings and weekends, with the aim to ton the body a little. ASking to much of the body or worth a go? Thanks!

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