Ask the Doc: Could That Foot Pain Be A Stress Fracture?

June 3, 2012

Dr. David Minkoff joins this episode of “As the Doctor” to answer your questions on why isn’t massage considered medical treatment, can you damage meniscus during a run without feeling it, dealing with degenerative discs and sciatic ache with holistic remedies, healing from an injured finger to be able to train again, returning to training after illness, foot pain, and more.

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  • Monica says:

    I had trouble understanding some of Dr. Minkoff's words, as his audio was slightly muffled. In the discussion about the disk pain, at 18:46 and 18:58, he mentions a protein-related supplement. Sounded like NAT or MAT or NAP, or something. He mentions it again in the stress fracture question. Can anyone tell me what that was?

  • Monica says:

    Hmm. Just heard the final feedback question and think I heard the answer about MAP. Nevermind!

  • Carlos says:

    Hi Monica,

    I was the listener that submitted the feedback about MAP. After several visits to the doctor, a month and a half worth of visit to the chirocprator, Two marathon DNS (Did Not Show), 2 Triathlons DNS, Could not run more than 1 mile without pain that I had to walk back, accupunture, massages,night splint, etc, etc. I decided to give MAP a try, besides I had spent close to $1500, so 53 more dollars won't brake the bank and VOILA!!! I started seing improvements in my 5 months injury. I am now in my third week taking MAP (10 a day) I am back to running and biking no pain free yet since I haven't backed off my training, but huge improvement. I know if I just take few days off my training and with the help of MAP I will be pain free, but I am training for Ironman Canada and I can't afford to slow down just yet. So, give MAP a try. Good luck. Carlos

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