Ask the Doc: Dangers of Statins, Numb ‘Parts’ During Exercise

March 25, 2012

On this episode of Ask The Doctor, Dr. David Minkoff joins us to answer your questions on an athlete dealing with elevated crp levels and being prescribed statins (and the risks and harms associated with this and what needs to be done), numbness in the toes and/or genitals while training or racing, a hip injury in a runner training for Boston, dehydration and its effect on heart rate and metabolism, ┬ácoming back to training after a hamstring injury, prolotherapy, and hydrocortizone for an athelte with Addison’s Disease. Ask your questions under the designated post on our facebook page.

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  • Steve says:

    I enjoyed this podcast but my question is are athletes normal? Doctors seem to use cookie cutters to treat their patients but I don't think athletes fit the mold. Any suggestions?

  • BrockSky says:

    Thank you kindly for answering my numbness question – I really appreciate the reassurance and the helpful hints. You guys were right in assuming that it is only a problem on the trainer (not on the road) so the hypothesis was bang on. I'm going saddle shopping this weekend and am going to try setting an alarm to remind myself to stand more often. Thanks!

  • Walt says:

    Based on listening to your first podcast, I ordered and received the Map supplement. I stopped taking my whey protein supplement as instructed, but there is no indication on the Map bottle of the amount of protein that taking 5 capsules manufactures in your body. Don't know if I am saying this right, but I was deliberately supplementing my daily protein intake by the 25 grams of protein that the Whey supplement claimed it was providing me. I have done research on all of this and really do not quite understand how your supplement works at least in a measurable way for someone who has calculated the amount of protein that he should be taking. (In my case about 80 grams total which were being met by my previous supplement.) I hope you can clarify all of this for me. Thanks.
    Walt (I also posted this on Facebook under Tom Trailicelli)

  • Dr. Minkoff says:

    Dear Walt,
    I will go into this in our next podcast. For more data in the meantime go to for some more data. The idea that one needs 80 grams of protein is misleading as the quality of protein varies between different foods. 80 grams of whole egg would be a lot more beneficial than 80 grams of whey or soy (in fact 3x better). Listen in next month or spend a little more time on the BodyHealth site for more info. I take 10 MAP each morning when I get up with water, then 23 minutes later eat a snack and do my training. On hard days, long ride or run or track, I take an extra 10 at the end, wait 23 minutes and then have a recovery meal. If you do this you'll notice a nice difference in your recovery, strength and body health. Hope this helps, Dr. M

  • @ToRunLong says:

    Hi Dr. Minkoff,

    The statin question was mine. Appreciate the thorough review of the topic as it relates to cholesterol and hs-crp.

    My biggest concern is, "why was hs-crp elevated?" 0-1 being normal, I believe I was at 2.5-2.8. I have done a ton of reading and, in contrast to my/many physician, believe inflammation leads to heart disease, not my cholesterol level. I didn't wait for the podcast and had stopped the medication – but listening affirmed my position.

    You suggested a few causes of inflammation – mouth, GI tract, heavy metals – as I recall. While I've had cavities here and there, never had a bad report on dental exam re: gingivitis or inflammation.

    I've also recently changed my diet fairly radically and am following the "paleo" plan of whole eggs, meats, good fats, and little carbohydrate outside of fruit and veggies. As a long distance runner, I take in maltodextrin, potatoes, and bananas after a big run to replenish glycogen. Otherwise, I am careful on high glycemic index things. I have read a lot about sugars causing inflammation and wonder if that is perhaps my cause of inflammation.

    I can't guess re: metals or GI tract so I was wondering if there is/are cleanses I can do?

    Thanks again!

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  • kate Swift says:

    The podcast is really gud and informative . but i really preffer to have an active and lean body which i got by controlling my diet. Plexus slim helped me alot for the same .

  • benetol says:

    Yup, That was a good episode and shared the valuble comments on stains

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