Ask The Doc: Everything Athletes Need To Check in A Full Blood Test, Why and Interpreting Results

June 6, 2013

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show to answer your questions on calcium deposits and blood testing. With blood testing, he goes over a full list of what every¬†athlete¬†needs to check and why, and how best to interpret results — for example, many mainstream norms are not necessarily normal and there still could be a problem.

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  • JS says:

    I’m vegetarian and used to eat lots of carbs. My blood glucose was in the low 100’s. I completely changed my diet a few years ago. Still veggie, but high fat and protein, very low carb. I’ve also tried chromium, cinnamon, bitter melon. And the needle hasn’t moved. I still have glucose in the low 100’s. what more can I do?

    • RickESimpson says:

      fasting blood glucose of the low 100's is in the pre-diabetic range….are these measurements fasting???? If not get a fasting blood glucose.
      If these readings are fasting you should have your A1c checked and consult with a physician. Also, you might look at your weight and if you are overweight consider losing some weight–you should consult with your Doctor on this. I just had my fasting blood sugar done and it was 76 (normal range for this lab = 65-99) so low 100's is quite a bit different.

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