Ask the Doc: MAP for Kids, Solutions to Exercise-Related Headaches and More

November 1, 2012

Dr. David Minkoff joins this episode of “Ask the Doctor” to answer your questions on if it’s safe and smart for active kids to take MAP (and more on why MAP is good for adults whether you eat healthy animal protein or are a vegan/vegetarian), why might one be getting terrible headaches after long runs even if fueling and hydration is good, is it safe to have kids worked on/treated by a chiropractor (and more on┬áchiropractic), and possible solutions for a long-time back pain issues, and much more!

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  • Terry says:

    Tawnee, nobody seems to be able to produce a 'nutrition label' for MAP. We would like to know the contents in each serving. amino levels each serving, etc…

    Can you please post label in response for everyone to see please.

    Thanks much !

  • Terry says:

    Thanks Ben ! hopefully you will allow a public forum disputing the claims made by this company. #1 The label lists ingredients as a proprietary blend with no individual specific amounts. This is a huge red flag. #2 There are no valid "outside" clinical studies confirming any of their own claims. #3 According to Dun & Bradstreet and Florida Dept of State show that these 'family' members are behind at least four linked corporations including an advertising and pr firm #4 The companies 'testing' are not valid and useless based on the fact they had one person in test—no double blind, control group, baseline results for comp–also they did the testing #5 There is absolutely no valid clinical studies to suggest that if any Nitrogen is excreted through the digestive tract that dietary protein i "useless" #6 Better than real food !!! warning, red flag.

    • These are interesting, Terry, and I'll look into these. In the meantime…myself and dozens athletes swear by this stuff. It does work, regardless of any politics behind it!

  • todd k says:

    I suffer from pain (cramps?) in left outer thigh / it band area. Starts 80 to 100 min into bike ride. Pain often spreads to lower back,same side.

    Background : I have a couple yrs experience in sprint/olympics, midpacker,male,43.

    Had an acl reconstruction in left knee approximately 15 yrs ago. No residual pain in knee area,complete recovery…not sure if this weighs in.

    thanks for the great show – i listen all the time.

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