Ask the Doc: Recovering From A Bulging Disc, Essential Supplements for Health

December 2, 2012

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show to answer your questions on tips  for a healthy back after a bulging disc in order to get back to training/racing, the top supplements for well-rounded health and injury resilience, the correct dosing of MAP for Ironman/long races, risks of enbrel for psoriasis, help to relieve chronic hamstring pain, using Epsom salt soaks for muscle relaxation, replenishing magnesium transdermally, and more.

Click here to download audio.

Comments (3)

  • Tom from Raleigh says:

    Can you provide links to the supplements Dr. Minkoff references in the ‘cast?

  • Jenny says:

    What is the name of the abs/back video the doc referenced? It sounded like Egosky.

  • Scoo says:

    Longtime listener to all the Endurance Planet Podcasts. I can no longer listen to the Ask the Doctor podcast. It has become a non-stop commercial for MAP. Dr. Minkoff can’t go more than a single question or two without suggesting the cure is MAP. Maybe the cure is MAP, but I find it fairly unethical for a Dr. to podcast “medical advice” as a guise to move a product he sells.

    The rest of the Endurance Planet family keep up the great work.

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