Ask the Doc: Safe Solutions for High Blood Pressure, Overcoming Osteoarthritis, Burn Off Stubborn Belly Fat, Recommendations for inflammation, And More

March 11, 2014

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show to answer a bunch of great sports medicine questions on:

-Magnesium and Vitamin D as alternatives to blood pressure meds for high blood pressure – why it’s safe and won’t interfere with training
-How much is “too much” for older runners
-Ear pain during exercise
-Osteoarthritis in the hip – why your running days are not over, and how to treat this
-Tips to get ride of stubborn belly fat and why is it there even when you’re fit
-Runner with bad pain on the top of the foot – diagnosis and treatment help
-Recommendations for inflammation, particularly in joints and tendons from exercising
-Chronic bladder infections (UTIs) — what are alternatives to antibiotics, and how to stop getting them
-Help for chondromalacia in the knee
-Alleviating adductor/groin strains
-and more!
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