Ask the Doc Special: Your Guide to Understanding Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

January 18, 2013

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show for a special episode dedicated Master Amino Acid Pattern, MAP, with answers to your questions and much more. Find out why MAP is a protein source unlike any other and the story behind its creation, why it was created and how long it took to perfect it. Also, learn the correct dosing of MAP, if it’s safe for vegans and vegetarians too, if it’s OK to eat other protein sources in conjunction with MAP and much more. We also touch on Dr. Minkoff’s BodyHealth Complete + Detox.

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  • Neil Murphy says:

    This was a thinly veiled sales pitch. How much did you get paid to sell your integrity? If you are simply pitching a product you should disclose that you are doing so and whether or not you are getting compensated. Clearly you are since you didn’t have one negative thing to say about this product and you were pitching minkoff’s website,

    I couldn’t believe it when Minkoff stated that he didn’t believe in whey protein or other protein supplements, that he believed in getting your nutrition from natural sources since the body has 2 million years of conditioning to eat this. Oh, except eat 20-30 of these pills a day! Give me a break.

    I have deleted your podcast. I only want to listen to honest sources of information. I won’t be surprised if you don’t post this comment on your website.

    Neil Murphy

  • Lance says:

    I don’t want to be as harsh as Neil, but it did feel like an infomercial. As a regular listener, I know that was not the intent, but it did sound that way. Neil’s point about preferring natural food sources versus pushing pills is well taken. Plus, the cost is prohibitive: Dr. Minkoff is suggesting about $10 a day worth of pills.

    But there were a couple of questions I still had. One goes back to a question asked of Ben about research. When Minkoff explained how old MAP is, I wondered why there isn’t some research that shows it.

    My other question has to do with timing. I understand the pre exercise and during race protocol, though I can’t imagine how Lucho just chews them, but at other times, with a meal or empty stomach? My understanding is that amino acids are best absorbed on an empty stomach, but I sense that with MAP it doesn’t really matter. Thoughts?

    Love the podcasts, especially ATU and ATC. Lucho and Tawnee are great.

    • Jim says:

      I was the one that asked Ben about research several weeks ago. I’ve gone a ahead and puchased the product. Why? Well, I’m just viewing it as another amino acid supplement, like a BCAA or EAA supplement. My intention is to simply use them as I do my current BCAA’s, before a work out. Cost wise, they are about 60 cents per serving more than the new BCAA product I just purchased (found it $43.00 on Amazon). Unfortunately, the BCAA supplement is giving me stomach problems. Since I essentially wasted 35 bucks on a product I can’t use, I took the plunge. If it works, great! If not, then it’s just one more failed trial.

      I’m headed to Nice for a race in a couple of weeks and figure it would also be easier to carry MAAP than a can of BCAAs and whey protien powder.

      I still don’t think what Dr. Minkoff says jibes with what I’ve read. If it was such an effective protien source, you’d think body builders would be all over it, but I’m willing to give it the same shot as any other supplement. If it turns out that I can replace my BCAA AND Whey protien powder, then I’ll break even cost wise. Anyway, now that I’ve got the product this podcast makes a good reference. (So thanks, Tawnee.)

      Oh, gave the BCAA’s to my 70 years old mother (a former Bodybuilding champion and current personal trainer to folks 20 years her junior 😀 )


      • Jim L. says:

        Here’s some interesting, anecdotal information. Each night I take 30 grams of caesin protien to help with recovery b4 bed and each morning I take my resting heart rate to determine how rested it is.

        Last night I didn’t feel like making a shake so I cooked 3 scrambled eggs, drank 16 oz of milk and popped 5 MAP. I figure I got about 18g of egg protien, 12.8g of caesin, 3.2 g whey and the 5g of MAP.

        I was at a conference all this week, wasn’t sleeping well, didn’t really sleep well last night but my hrh this morning was 10 beats lower than the day before, 5 beats lower than it had been all week and the lowest it’s been in 3 months.

        Purely anecdotal like I said, it could be my body responds better to egg protien at night or a mixture of proteins with different absorption rates or it could be the MAP. Interesting stuff none the less.

        • Jim L. says:

          I’ve concluded that for me- MAP is great for enhanced recovery but not suitable as a replacement for my regular protien powders. I substituted 10 MAP for my post workout whey and 10 MAP for my nightly casein protien for 10 days and found a noticeable decrease in muscle size and weight. It’s always nice to lose weight but my upper body appearance was noticeably flat. I also seemed to lose some upper body strength.

          Endurance wise, I’ve managed 3 separate PRs during the past several weeks (including 10K and 10 Miles) and have recovered well from the efforts. So for me, so far I’m planning on 10 MAP post endurance workout but 5 MAP followed by my standard whey post strength training and no MAP with my standard casein before sleep.

          These results dont surprise me given the incomplete amino acid profile and rate of absorption of MAP. Apparently it’s missing something my body needs to retain muscle mass…..

          • Jim L says:

            Well, the honeymoon’s over. The big chalky pills started to irritate my esophagus. No problem I thought, so I started breaking them into smaller pieces. No dice. Then I started chewing them. The irritation turned to a burning and acid reflux like symptoms. When I took them at bedtime, the irritation was such that it would wake me from a sound sleep. The burning would last for an hour or so before I was able to get comfortable enough to sleep.
            How am I certain the issue is the MAP? Easy it started and only happens on those days I take MAP. I eliminate MAP, no problems. I’m going to try dissolving it in water after having not used it for two weeks. We’ll see what happens…..

  • Brian says:

    I am also a long time listener going back to the pre-Greenfield days, and I have to agree with the two previous posts. You compromise your integrity and that of the podcast if in fact you are receiving compensation from Minkoff. My guess is that at minimum you’re receiving free product. Whatever the case be upfront about it.

  • Eric says:

    Ditto. Poor form with this podcast.

  • Jonathan Curry says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. Infomercial is right. I don’t mean this specific episode, I mean all the new “ask the doc” segments, I won’t even listen anymore. The last one I listened to I jokingly thought to myself “OK, how long before he suggets MAP for this?” about 5 seconds! I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where I only can stand to listen to Multisport News, ATU and ATC. And I cringe when I hear them mention MAP in those. Really miss Dr. Klion! Those were my favorite episodes in the Kevin Patrick days. Not to just bash – I love Tawny and Lucho’s banter, and Multisport News.

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  • gwk says:

    Dec 7, did 5k race in 26 minutes with average heart rate of 69. I am 66 and run 9 miles a week.

    My normal time for a 5k is 28:58 with heart rate between 140 and 165.

    I developed a pre race protocol that includes 10kmg of MAP before the race and 5k mg post race.

    Protocol overview ….

    50 drops of H2O2 in 10 oz distilled water when I first awaken then in one hour steal cut oat meal plus two table spoons of coconut oil, 100 mg coq10, 5000 D3, 1000 mg omega 3 oil, then 5000 mg map a 75 minutes before the race with another 5000 mg MAP five min before start of race, then cirO2 nitrogen supplement.

    Each time I have followed the pre-race protocol

    I have gotten similar results; average heart rate in the 70 bpm range. My resting heart rate is 41.

    Not sure what parts of the protocol can be eliminate. Yes, I feel like I am running hard, breathing hard but my recovery takes only few minutes. Recovery includes 5000 mg MAP.

    Post race stand up test indicates 60 to 70% residual heart capacity vs 20% capacity when not following protocol.

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