Ask the Doc: The Functional Medicine Approach, Blood Thinners (and Their Harms), DVT, Hep C and More

July 11, 2014

We are joined by Dr. David Minkoff to provide insight on the benefits of functional medicine and finding the best doctor to find the right diagnosis and cures. Specially we answer listener questions looking for answers on their diagnoses/health issues including:

-Male triathlete with chronic fainting and seizure problems; diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. Given the history, is this the right diagnosis? What can be done to alleviate condition and still do sport?
-The gut’s role as another brain in the body
-How exercise can acutely disrupt thyroid
-The need for testing: blood tests, GI tests, etc, to get to the bottom of your ailments
-Athlete diagnosed with minimal change disease and put on prednisone. Is this the right diagnosis, how to overcome this issue, and alternatives to prednisone?
-Resources recommended by the doc including
-Athlete with Hep C: Is exercising positive or negative?. New treatment and training at the same time – doable ? Safe?
-How do blood thinners (coumadin) affect performance/recovery?
-DVT in calf – help and guidance
-mention of The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz
-and more!

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