Ask the Doctor: Introducing Dr. David Minkoff

March 5, 2012

On this episode of “Ask the Doctor” we introduce Dr. David Minkoff, who will be joining the show lineup. Dr. Minkoff will also answer some of your questions.

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  • trainwithmeghan says:

    Just listened to the podcast, Dr. David Minkoff, talked about when he went out for a 4 hour ride felt awful, got tested by a dr. friend right after the ride and needed some thyroid pills then went back out for 2 hours and felt much better… what were the pills that helped the thyroid? I believe this is my issue…. my TSH levels went from a 4.6 to 8.45 in month and the only thing that changed was my training ramped up…..

    • Dr Minkoff says:

      Dear Meghan, The pills were an herbal supplement from Systemic Formulas called Gt (Gland Thyroid). The point of the story is that for me, my thyroid was the weak link with hard, long exertion and thats what the testing showed. For someone else it might be their adrenal, or liver, or spleen or lung. I suggest you set up an appointment with a nutritional knowledgable person who does energetic testing, EAV or muscle testing, and have them check you before and get your balanced and then do a hard workout and then check you again and see where your "weak link" is. Hope this helps. Dr. Minkoff

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