Ask the Ultrarunner: Bike X-Training, Female Athletes and More

December 6, 2011

We’ve picked ten questions for Lucho to answer on this show so we give ample time to each. We’ll cover: where does speed fit into periodization, physiological differences in men and women in regards to training style and are there differences in what each can handle (and a big tangent), is a bonk run a good idea, weight training quads and hammys for running, run cadence issues, how do you get the maximum benefit on the bike for ultra races, how do you train for an ultra and Ironman in one season, how does one find out what there 50 mile run pace should be, determining pace/effort be for long runs when training for an ultra, an abnormally high HR at the beginning of exercise, which periodization philosophy applies more to ultrarunning and why, using maltodextrin vs buying gels and how to mix it, where to get it/what to look for.

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  • STU says:

    where can I find research/info on what Lucho said about big gear/low RPM recovery rides VS small gear/high RPM rides?

  • Lucho says:

    Stu- There probably isn't any, this is something that I have found very good for myself during my training for Leadville last year (and a decade + of Ironman training). Canova talks a lot about recovery and the benefits of not only going for a super slow jog but also including efforts specific to the reason you need recovery. I have also given this to my athletes over the last 1+ years and through that alone I see the benefits. Give it a try and see what you think!

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