Ask the Ultrarunner: From Interval Workouts to Mental Game

November 21, 2011

Another packed episode of Ask the Ultrarunner with Lucho answering your questions on a good fanny pack model for a 5k, what “full recovery” means with interval training, gauging when to run again after strength training, the best way to get your stomach back when it goes south in an ultra, adjusting intensity to compensate for the diminishing return of training at altitude, intervals that would be helpful at this altitude, combining ultra and marathon training, Lucho’s philosophy on the mental approach to marathon/ultra racing and what impact do you think one’s mental disposition has during a race, analyzing/improving form, hill training for Leadville, speed training for a marathon, should you do night running to train for an ultra, should you “practice” bonking in training, and much much more.

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  • Pat says:

    I'm just about to finish up my busy work day of teaching native Spanish speakers the difference between "hangover" and "hungover" (noun vs. adjective) and I can't wait to get home to listen to this!!!! Thanks, Endurance Planet and thanks, Tim!

  • Keven says:

    hi, love the podcast. thanks for sharing your expertise. i have a sequencing question for your next podcast.

    in 2011 i was a middle-of-the-pack 50K trailrunner (first year of going that distance). my goal for 2012 is to finish in the top third in at least one race. i am trying to systematize my training more now, using matt fitzgerald's "brain training" approach as a rough roadmap for my efforts.

    i have three primary races i'd like to run in 2012 – one each in march, april, and may. should i focus my goal effort on the first one, and then just look to recover/maintain fitness for the other two? or use the first two to 'tune-up' for the third? i think i've heard you say that you can't really train-to-improve in a month's time, but don't really know how to prioritize training for three races. i know you've dealt with this a little bit in a previous podcast, but didn't quite see how my situation fit in there.

    thanks again!

  • Giles Healey says:


    This last year was my first full triathlon season during which I did my first 1/2 Ironman at Vineman which was also my first 1/2 marathon during which I ran a 1:30:41. After that signed up for a full marathon in Santa Barbara to try and qualify for Boston.

    For training I used the "run less, run faster" book which has you running 3 days a week typically. One day being speed work, one day tempo running mid distance at race pace and one day running long (15-20 miles) at a pace about 15 seconds or so below race pace. I ran the marathon in 2:58:03.

    I am now signed up for the L.A. marathon and have been trying to find a sub 3 hour training plan. The only ones I could find on line had me running 6 days a week which I fear will injure me ( I am 42). Do you think I could use the" run less run faster "approach but increase the speeds that I use for the tempo runs and long runs. The speed work is already fast for the 3:10 marathon plan plan.

    Thanks, Giles

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