Ask the Ultrarunner: Speedwork for Ultras? Benchmarking Your Base?

November 28, 2011

On this episode of Ask the Ultrarunner, Lucho answers your questions on dealing with “internal demons” in the later stages of an ultra event, support from others, the top 3 things that brought him to ultra-running, doing stadium stairs for training, speed training for ultra runners, training for running through the night and dealing with the mental fatigue of an over nighter, best way to prepare for hills when you don’t have hills around you,  upper body weight training for ultra runners, races that don’t allow elites to bypass entry races or lotteries, how does one benchmark their base to determine if it’s adequate enough, optimal races to do prior to your A race (i.e. a 50k), and a follow-up on the last 10k of a marathon question. Ask your questions on our Facebook page.

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