ATC 201: Weave a Season of Run and Triathlon Racing, Weighted Vest Gains, Managing Pace OTB, and More

January 22, 2016


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On this episode of Ask the Coaches:

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How to combine training and racing for ultras, half-Ironmans 

  • The situation: In 2016 I’d like to focus on being faster in the (3) 70.3 I have planned, the first of which is on April 23. Before that doing a 50k broken up into (10) 5k races, each one starting at the top of the hour for 10 hours. How can I use this event to my best advantage given my goal of faster 70.3 times, with one of those races being 6 weeks after the funky 50k? How should I pace these (10) 5ks to help my training?

ITU Long Course

  • How you would modify an Ironman training plan to train for the ITU Long Course Triathlon, aka Challenge Penticton, with distances of 3k/120k/30k. What kind of long run/ride distances would you aim for? Would over-distance training be a bad thing? What intensities?
  • Training for a marathon while also wanting to PR the Olympic distance triathlon 5 weeks later. How to accomplish this?

Running Off the bike

  • Why would one’s MAF run pace be faster coming off of the bike than an open run?
  • If MAF off the bike pace looks unsustainable even though within MAF, so should you slow down to usual MAF pace even if that means running below MAF HR? How does this vary from a training day versus race day?

Ironman bike pacing with power meter a la Lucho

  • 50-60% of FTP for slower cyclists, riding an ~8+ hour IM bike.
  • 60-70% of FTP for ~6-8 hour bike splits.
  • 75-85% FTP for faster cyclists
  • Key workout for IM bike” 4 X 1 hour @ goal watts
  • Ironman run: DO NOT even get within 10 beats of LT heart rate.
  • For a novice triathlete, what percent of FTP should one aim for during a hilly Ironman race? Should the goal power vary from the flats, to uphill, to downhill?
  • Training for the Western States 100 June if you live in a flat state; how to best train for the 18,000 vertical up and 23000 down at Western.
  • MAF pace all over the place and not getting faster, why?
  • The situation: Male athlete recovering from “going too hard on the easy days” and decided to try the Maffetone method. After 8+ weeks, pace at MAF HR varies significantly from run to run and even within runs anywhere from 8:48 to 11:28. Additionally I have not gotten any faster running at MAF HR. Any suggestions for a newbie to MAF training?


  • With swimming: is it ok to just do longer distance non-stop swims? Especially if you don’t like drills and repeats, and generally just enjoy non-stop swimming.
  • What is the purpose of intervals and drills in the pool for triathletes who then race non-stop?

On weighted vest training

  • introducing the weighed vest, progression, run training, etc. Tawnee talks from experience/expertise and Lucho chimes in.
  • The weight vest we love is made by Hyperwear.

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