ATC 202: Barefoot Running Improves Economy, ‘Makin Love’ To Your Bike, Squats and Deadlifts for Endurance Athletes

February 5, 2016


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On this show:

  • Shoe talk: Love for minimalist shoes, wide toe boxes and for Skoras, just because.
  • Using Yoga Toes to fix toe problems
  • Don’t smash your toes into narrow shoes
  • When should you replace shoes? Instead of a set mileage look at when your “bad habits” mold into the shoe wear and tear and further promote those bad habits.

Three new studies just released in the NSCA’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning with endurance sports love that we discuss in detail:

More Q&A:

  • How would you alter typical road triathlon training to the demands of off-road racing (XTERRA Olympic distance races)? Key workouts for swim, bike, run plus figuring out frequency, intensity, recovery weeks, and more.
  • Mark Allen’s old-school guide to strength training article – what’s still relevant, what would we change?
  • What strength training exercises would you include for muscular endurance as well as repeatable short bursts of power?
  • Lifts to replace leg extension and leg curl?
  • Sumo deadlifts compared to straight leg or Romanian deadlifts
  • When it comes to cycling and running which variation of deadlift is the best? Or would a variety be best
  • How to plan lifts in your training schedule
  • When it comes to squats, which variation is ideal: front, high bar, or low bar? Or once again does it not matter?

Comments (4)

  • shwrun says:

    I’ve been having pain on the balls of my feet for a while which has been getting progressively worst. I’ve been to orthopedics and told that I have metatarsalgia and need orthotics and shoes with more cushion and bigger toe box. I don’t like cushy shoe and don’t like the idea of orthotics but I don’t know what other option I have. At this point I can’t imagine staying in minimal shoes when I am feeling pain just about at every run.

  • CoolinOlympia says:

    I LOVE leg extensions!!! I think they are actually really valuable!

  • Oddwell / Jim Newell says:

    Two years or so to acclimate to barefoot running – paraphrase from Lucho. Thank you! I am glad someone in the community is voicing the long acclimation (technically RE-acclimation to how we are born) period. I've been in minimal shoes, unshod and in five-fingers (which I love in the gym) for, I think, just over two years. In my daily activities, work, yard work, etc… all I wear are a few different minimalist shoes – Altra, Merrell, Nike, etc… All zero drop with wide toe boxes. Recently, I realized I no longer have any abnormal shin, calf, foot or leg pain. I feel and function better than ever. Once again, thank you Lucho. Your voice is much louder than many, and this needs to be shouted into the endurance community.

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