ATC 203: Runners’ Guide to Buying a Bike for Crosstraining, Finding Your Perfect Pair of Cycling Shoes, Volume or Frequency When Returning from Injury?

February 19, 2016


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On this show, answers to your questions:

  • Stretch cord swim drills: What does one actually do with those stretch cords for 10 minutes?
  • Cycling shoes: how too choose the right pair for your feet & needs, features of cycling shoes and what to look for, different types, and when is it time to replace cycling shoes?
  • Tawnee’s 5-part functional strength test for her athletes–top secret! 😉
  • Runners and cycling: So, you want to buy a bike for crosstraining and easy days, how do you go about finding the right bike for your needs? What price range should you look at? What kind of frame, components and style of bike (mountain bike, road bike, cyclocross), and more! Plus how to add cycling into a run training program to avoid overtraining.
  • Volume or frequency? If coming back from an injury (in this case the Achilles) is it better to build back the long run volume or try and get in more frequent shorter runs?
  • Combining half-marathon and triathlon training coming off injury:
  • Bike training in conjunction with training for a half marathon? How often, and what type of ride?
  • What types of runs are recommended leading up a half marathon when being cautious of past injury and also needing run fitness for triathlon?
  • How to re-structure training after the half marathon leading into the triathlon?
  • We talk about Santa Barbara Triathlon course specifics.

Three examples of dryland swim workouts:

  1. Basic:
    10min of intervals bending over at hips and mimicking swim stroke by facing attachment point and pulling stretch cords that are attached to door/wall at about waist high
  2. Full workout:
    warmup, 2-3 sets:
    10 ea. external should rotation, elbow bent at side, with cords
    10 ea. band pull-aparts
    20 scap pushups
    10 ea birddogs
    main set, 3 sets:
    1:00 freestyle swim stroke with high elbow recovery, using cords
    10 ea. split squat jumps
    1:00 catchup stroke/high elbow with cords
    60″ plank variations (add march)
    1:00 double freestyle pull (both arms same time), using cords
    30″ full locust hold (yoga)
    1:00 stretch cord row
    30″ ea. side triangle pose
    1:00 cable chop (both directions), with cords
  3. Links to more swim-specific dryland drills:

Comments (3)

  • David Regan says:

    A bike for cross training…what about Eliptigo? It surpasses the 1K cost threshold ( except maybe used), but would seem more useful as a cross trainer than traditional bike for a pure runner. No special bike shoes or clothes required!

  • 3wordsofsix says:

    I bought an elliptigo recently (a used one) and it works great! The motion on the machine is similar, but not the same, as an elliptical machine. It has a longer "stride cycle" than an elliptical. I find that it really uses the glutes a lot. You can find a nice used one for anywhere between 1000-1800 for a 8C model. Check out the elliptiGO closed group site, people are always selling on it. I picked mine up this way.

  • Jimmy says:

    For riding shoe should be more perfect than any other shoe.And for bike riding proper praticing ,warm up should be maintained stricly.

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